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Furniture Assembly Experts FAQs

  1. How does Furniture Assembly Experts operate ?

    We give priority to customers who EMAIL us first or submit a request on our website. The reason why is because, we need to have the model number of your furniture in order to give you a quote and schedule you for service immediately. As we receive a high volume of calls. we cannot get all model numbers of furniture over the phone

  2. Do you provide Same Day Service ?

    Yes, We do provide service; but mostly for bedroom furniture and living room furniture. We understand that people moving into the area need a place to sleep and relax.

  3. What geographical areas do you cover?

    Our Coverage move from Southern Maryland, to Washington DC Metro area. Northern Virginia and downtown Baltimore AREA.

  4. How do you charge for the assembly of furniture ?

    We charge a flat rate per piece of furniture to be assembled. NO HOURLY Rate for furniture assembly. Hourly rate is only for moving help

  5. How do I pay for your services ?

    We may take payment for the assembly after the assembly completed. However,  all customer pay their invoice to confirm the assembly of their furniture

     We accept all type Credit Cards including American express and discover. Payment are made online thru our invoice system that automatically confirms your appointment. We also accept company Checks for businesses.  There is a $40 fee on all returned check

  6. Do you have Cancellation Fee ?

    Yes, We do have cancellation. If you make an appointment and cancel the appointment within 12hr of the appointment; you will subject to a $50 cancellation fee. We will charge you this fee immediatly and withdraw it from the payment you made to confirm the appointment. Customer is allowed to reschedule the appointment up to 3 time

  7. Who are your customers ?

    We work primarily and give priory to individual Homeowners, College Students, Foreigner or out of state customers moving into our coverage area. Then follow small businesses, Non profit organization and Corporate.

  8. Do you pick up furniture at local stores ?

    Yes. At this time we do pick up furniture at local store. We mostly provide only the assembly service after your furniture have been delivered at your home or office.


    FYI: Each furniture box must be located in the room where they are supposed to be assembled before our technician arrive on site; or we will charge you an additional fee to move your in your home


  9. Who will assemble my furniture ?

    We send our background screen assemblers to assemble your furniture at your home. All our assemblers have a minimum of one year experience dealing with the assembly of furniture, fitness equipments and other items. They go thru a training process

  10. What type of furniture assembly jobs do you handle?

    We assembly Bedroom furniture, Living room furniture, Office Furniture and Patio furniture. We assembly mostly bed frames, dressers, Bookcase, Night stands, Dining Tables set, Chest of Drawers, Office Desk, Hutch, Office Chairs, File Cabinet and Executive Desk.

    Other furniture type need approval. We reserve the right to deny service when we cannot find a place in our schedule to service you


  11. What type of Guarantee does Furniture Assembly Experts provide?

    We provide 30 days guarantee on all workmanship. Our guarantee cover only if a screw gets damage or if a part come out because a piece of furniture has not been tighten enough during the assembly.

    FYI: it never happen as we use only high quality tools to build your furniture and professional technicians to provide the best guarantee


  12. Do you assembly all brands of furniture?

    We assembly all brands of furniture from All manufacturers and all department stores. However, we sometime establish some restriction toward some model brand of furniture if we believe they do not meet our safety requirement

  13. Do you haul trash away ?

    No, We do not haul trash. However, We will make sure that all empty boxes are well organized and regrouped in a specific area after the assembly has been done. The customers is responsible for the disposal of empty boxes after the assembly. We may for an additional fee move the boxes to your local trash area

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